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Meditation is easier than you think (6)

Myths of meditation

Myth 6: : “If bad feelings come up when I meditate it means I am really nuts.”


Actually, all sorts of emotions and experiences can come up when we meditate. If that scares you, I want you to change the way you judge emotions. Most people think they have “good” emotions or “bad” emotions. And want to stay away from the ones they think are bad. Instead, put emotions into these categories: “soothing”, or, “tension”. Now you don't have to avoid something “bad.”

Actually, the INTENTION of any feeling is to help our system-even the tension feelings have the intention of helping your system. I know the EFFECT that feelings have when they are expressed in behavior sometimes seem like the feelings are not helping the system (the system here, being YOU). But, no feeling can harm you if you are not afraid of it.

However, when you first begin to meditate and are still trying to make sense of feelings, when tension feelings arise, just notice them and gently return to your anchor. Just say to yourself, “oh! There was a sad feeling...or a jealous feeling...” or which ever feeling it is. Just notice it, name it, and return to your anchor.


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