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Saturday Oasis is a one-hour information and experiential session. Either a fellow professional or I present a topic, with an emphasis on things you can do for yourself to help reduce stress and live a happier, more connected life. All sessions are held at my office.


Saturday Oasis is free to hospice volunteers and hospice staff members. A $10 donation is requested for those attending who are not a hospice volunteer or staff member.


Class size is limited, and occasionally topics or dates are changed. Register by calling my office at: 636.394.6210.



Previous topics:

Nov. 9-Positive Psychology; it is not just putting on a happy face.

Dec. 14-Journaling for growth and healing.

Jan. 11-Guided imagery for relaxation.

Feb. 8-You must be joking-the health effects of laughter and laughter yoga.

March 8-Tapping for health and inner peace.


In addition, I often have speakers and presentations that are offered to the community. Continue checking my website as it will be updated as these community events are scheduled.

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