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Philosophy and Approach



Blending traditional and transformational therapies in an innovative and compassionate manner.

Take your first step toward change.

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As an intuitive and innovative Licensed Psychologist, I believe that therapy should be:

clear and empowering,

promote dignity and self-love,

provide accurate information, and,

tools for growth and healing.



Working with me we will combine traditional therapies such as:


dynamic therapy,



with contemporary transformational therapies such as:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy,


Mindfulness, and,

Internal Family Systems.



I believe each person is unique and so will work with you to define the difficulty, assess your strengths and resources, and plan a course of action that is right for you.


My fundamental belief is that one's greatest strength comes from understanding and appreciating one's own inner wisdom, and from utilizing that wisdom through compassionate behavior toward one's self and others. 


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