Groups and Classes


All groups require pre-registration. Please call Lisa Dahlgren at: 636-394-6210 to register and/or to get on an interest list for a specific group.

Saturday Self-Care Series (Saturday Oasis)
Second Saturday of the month, $10 a session


Saturday Self Care (Sat. Oasis) explores a variety of innovative and transformational therapies based on non-western medicine beliefs . Each month explores a different topic. Registration required. Register with Lisa Dahlgren, Ph.D. 636.394.6210.

For details and topics see Saturday Oasis

Group QiGong Meditation
Meditation and Mindfulness
A 6-week class in mindfulness and meditation. Cost $130 a session. Four week classes also available.


Ongoing research on the brain has demonstrated that learning and using mindfulness and mediation change brain functioning in ways that directly influence emotional experience. This is a 6 session small group, to learn and practice mindfulness and meditation. Classes are offered for those primarily interested in mindfulness and meditation as a method and lifestyle to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Call Lisa Dalhgren at 636-394-6210 to register.

Second Friday of the month, 10:00-11:00, no charge.


Qigong is a moving meditation. The class is led by an experienced Qigong meditator with the intention of sharing the joy of Qigong in a group setting. Information regarding learning Qigong from a qualified Master is available at every session. Please call prior to attending your first session as the meditation is occasionally cancelled.

Parent Support Groups
Fees vary depending on type and length of group.


Parenting is a challenge in a variety of ways. Groups are formed based on age ranges of children, and, when possible, into groups that share common concerns for their children. Some groups meet one time, some meet several. Call to discuss the type of group you are seeking. Groups form according to what is needed. Call Lisa Dahlgren at 636-394-6210 to get on the interest list for this group.

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