Groups and Classes


All groups require pre-registration. Please call Lisa Dahlgren at: 636-394-6210 to register and/or to get on an interest list for a specific group.

Receiving the Forest
Shinrin-yoku-Forest Bathing


Shinrin-yoku originated in Japan.  It is a healing method of being with nature and the wilderness.  My training as a Nature-Connect coach led me to create my own version of Shinrin-yoku, or "Forest Bathing".  Using earth-based methods of intuitive listening, discovery, awareness, and reflection I lead participants into greater connection with themselves and with nature. I can work with you individually, you may join a group for this experience, or I will work with you to offer it to a group you represent.  Registration is required.  Call Lisa Dahlgren, Ph.D. at 636-394-6210 to register.

Meditation and Mindfulness
A 6-week class in mindfulness and meditation. Cost $130 a session. Four week classes also available.


Ongoing research on the brain has demonstrated that learning and using mindfulness and mediation change brain functioning in ways that directly influence emotional experience. This is a 6 session small group, to learn and practice mindfulness and meditation. Classes are offered for those primarily interested in mindfulness and meditation as a method and lifestyle to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Call Lisa Dalhgren at 636-394-6210 to register.

Pink Flower
Internal Family Systems Group Meditation
A 6-week class focused on learning our inner landscape through meditations focused on our parts.


Internal Family Systems is a type of therapy geared for self-understanding and self-healing.  Whether you are involved in IFS therapy or not, this meditation class will give structure and guidance for utilizing Loving-Kindness and Self-Compassion toward all of your internal parts.  Part work and meditation will be explained, and you will be guided in your meditation at each meeting.  Registration is required.  Call Lisa Dahlgren, Ph.D. at 636-394-6210 to register.