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Groups and Classes


All groups require pre-registration. Please register through the interest form located at the bottom of the pages at, or by linking to that page here:  

Receiving the Forest
Shinrin-yoku-Forest Bathing


Shinrin-yoku originated in Japan.  It is a method of healing through connection with nature and the wilderness.  My training as a Nature-Connect coach led me to create my own version of Shinrin-yoku, which I call: "Receiving the Forest".  Using earth-based methods of intuitive listening, discovery, awareness, and reflection I lead participants into greater connection with themselves and with nature through playful interaction with the woods.   Offerings are made seasonally.  Use the directions at the top of the page to register your interest.

Pink Flower
30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

30 Day Gratefulness Challenge!


Having the attitude of gratefulness and performing acts of appreciation are powerful ways of opening to the whole tapestry of emotions that being human entails. Cultivating the practice of gratetude becomes a foundation for mindfulness, positivity, and a balance between the difficulties of life and hope.


This group is perfect for those who are new to a gratefulness practice, and for those who want to expand their gratefulness practice. At our initial session, it will be a meet-and-greet, and then information will be given about gratefulness and the different ways it can be practiced daily. You choose your gratefulness goals and methods of practice. We will then meet as a group on a weekly basis for four weeks, where you will be able to offer and receive support, encouragement, and accountability for a daily gratefulness practice.


Our next group begins: Tues, Jan 4th 7-8 pm and meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7-8 for four additional Tuesdays (Jan. 11, 18, 25, and Feb 1).


Cost: free to those currently beng coached by Lisa

$30 for those not currenty coached by Lisa

Medicine Walk

A Medicine Walk is a day of contemplation and instrospection.  You begin by setting your intention, then rise before the sun and immerse yourself in nature.  You go where your feet take you, paying attention to all that the woods mirror and reveal. A Medicine Walk is used as preparation for Vision Quest, for deepening into personal work, for uncovering meaning and direction with a specific question.  When you return you bring what you found to council and receive feedback, guidance, support, and encouragement,helping you understand your gifts, answers, strengths, and truths of your life.

Meditation and Mindfulness
Meditation Group

Beginning Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Meditation is a practice that intentionally develops awareness of the present moment. When we engage in a regular meditation practice we often feel more calm, and less stressed.


This is a live zoom meditation group. Each month we explore different, easy, meditations and guided imagery.


We meet from 12-12:45 each Tuesday. We will begin our time with a soft hello quickly moving to a short explanation of the meditation, then spend 15-20 minutes engaged in that meditation. Time is reserved at the end of each session for questions and sharing, and then you are on your way to a positive day!


This is an on-going, semi-drop-in offering, each month beginning with a month-long commitment for participants beginning the first Tuesday of each month. Groups are limited to 6 participants to increase a sense of belonging and connection. As more than 6 join, additional groups will be added.


Cost: free to those currently being coached by Lisa

$30/month for those not currently coached by Lisa


To register, use the directions at the top of the page to register your interest and intention to join us. 

Autumn Road
Nature Connection for your whole being.

"The goal is to make your heart beat match the heartbeat of the Universe, to match your nature with nature."

-Joseph Cambell


This is a live zoom group offering that has three modules: 1.) basic understanding of incorporating nature-connection into your health and healing, 2.) introduction to nature-connected techniques for personal exploration, and, 3.) use of ritual and ceremony. All modules incorporate both nature connection and psychological principles. We meet twice a month for 1 ½ hours each meeting, over the course of three months. Participants are given resources and optional reading and experiential exercises with the suggestion of taking at least one hour a week out of class time for adapting what is learned for their personal use. Some aspects of this offering are experiential during our meeting time. Meetings are not recorded to encourage non-stressful participation and sharing among group members. Meetings also build from one session to the next, so full participation is invited to maximize this offering. Group size is limited to 10 participants.


Some of what is covered:

-Understanding your personal connection to nature.

-Creating simple daily routines of nature practices to support your well-being.

-Learning tools and techniques for developing a stronger connection to yourself and the planet.

-Enhancing your ability to sense your own baseline.

-Honing your ability to set your intention.

-Learning how to deepen into and expand your senses.

-Exercises that allow nature to be your co-guide in life.

-Introduction for using the tools of Internal Family Systems theory gone wild, for personal growth and healing.

-Increase awareness of and uses for ritual and ceremony in creating a healthy, balanced, life.


This is a course for those who are curious about nature connected practices and how they can enhance and heal our life, and for those who want to know more about how to live in congruence with nature. There is direct instruction in tools and techniques that can be applied to your life immediately.


Dates: TBA


Cost: $300

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