Myths of meditation

Myth 6: : “If bad feelings come up when I meditate it means I am really nuts.”

Actually, all sorts of emotions and experiences can come up when we meditate.  If that scares you, I want you to change the way you judge emotions.  Most people think th...

Myths of meditation

Myth 5: “If I meditate I will feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards. It's a vacation without going on vacation!”

We often do feel more relaxed following a time of meditation. When people are first meditating, it is actually helpful if they do experi...

Myths of meditation

Myth 4: “Meditation is a great way to fall asleep.”

Oops. Nope. Meditation is not meant as a gate-way for sleep. That is not to say that sometimes we might fall asleep when we are meaning to be meditating. But meditation is not meant to be a sleep a...

Myths of meditation

Myth 3: “If my mind wanders during meditation, I am doing something wrong.”

Minds wander.  That's what they do.  So you are definitely not doing something wrong when you notice your mind has wandered.  In fact, when you notice your mind has wandere...

Myths of meditation

Myth 2: “It is better to meditate for 30-60 minutes a day or longer.”

I get it.  A part of you wants to be the guru at the top of the mountain where peace flows in and out like the waves on a beach.  And you can't wait to get there.  So you think y...

Myths of meditation

Myth 1: "The goal of meditation is to have a blank mind."

Of all the things people bring to me at the beginning of a mindful meditation workshop, this belief is the one mentioned the most and the one most often listed as why they felt they previousl...

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May 19, 2017

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